For a Minecraft map I'm making, I want public messages to be sent when a player steps on a certain pressure plate or walks through a specific door, and for the message to say who exactly did it. Also, I want it to be able to handle multiple players in the same spot and does its job respectively.

For example, if a person walks into a door, it says,

"their username has walked through the door."

I'm currently using

/tellraw @a {"text":"","color":"yellow","extra":[{"selector":"@p[distance=3]"},{"text":" has walked through the door."}]}

but it doesn't seem to work, and rather responds with,

" has walked through the door."

Any thoughts?

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  • Try making the "@p[distance=..3]" instead of what it is right now. This should fix the problem with no targets being found but this command line alone won't making exactly what you want... – Bruno Rodrigues Jul 12 at 21:27
  • @BrunoRodrigues Please don't answer in comments. – pppery Jul 13 at 0:57
  • @ExpertCoder14 The answer to that question explains that " Example, this will only match someone who is exactly 0.5 blocks away from you, which is pretty much impossible to achieve with regular walking: @a[distance=0.5]". That is exactly the problem here, as pointed out in Bruno Rodrigues' comments. I don't see how that makes it not a duplicate. – pppery Jul 13 at 0:58

Minecraft uses dots to specify bigger than and smaller than when using tags such as distance=n.

  • 2 dots in front (distance=..n) stands for smaller than n.
  • 2 dots at the end (distance=n..) stands for bigger than n.

Additionally, both terms can be used in one tag (e.g.: distance=y..n stands for bigger than y and smaller than n.).

To answer your question, change distance=3 to distance=..3, problem solved.

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