I need to find another stronghold because the one that the Eye of ender took me to does not have a portal. How can I find another stronghold that has a portal room?

I'm playing v1.16 of Minecraft.


Your stronghold may still have a portal room. However, it may be in a room that's disconnected from the rest of the chambers you explored. I've personally experienced this. I eventually found the portal by looking for parts of my stronghold where the room generation didn't line up well, then knocking out the walls in the general area. I eventually found a disconnected part of the stronghold that had a portal.

If you want to find another stronghold, and are comfortable using third-party tools, you can use the Stronghold Finder on Chunkbase to find the locations of other strongholds in your seed.

If you'd rather not use third-party tools, you have some work ahead of you. Depending on which version of Minecraft your playing, you're guaranteed a certain number of strongholds within a certain number of blocks of the world's origin coordinates (x=0, z=0, not spawn). If you head to your world's origin from your existing stronghold, and keep going, your Eyes of Ender should start directing you to another stronghold.

Note: As of May '20, Mojang stated that, in Bedrock, it's intended that not all strongholds will have portals. This contradicts the Minecraft Wiki, which currently claims that all strongholds are guaranteed to have a portal.

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