Players are removed from their scoreboard team on my Spigot server as soon as they move (this includes changing the direction in which they look).

I run this command:

/scoreboard teams join TeamName @p

and then, without moving, this command:

/scoreboard teams list TeamName

I get listed as though I am in the team properly:

Showing 1 player(s) in team TeamName:
<my username>

Then, I'll move my player, and run the same command again:

/scoreboard teams list TeamName

I get a message saying the following:

Team TeamName has no players

The above^ also happens if I add myself to the team, move, and then list the players in the team. It only lists me until I move. It happens to all teams.

I should also note that one of the plugins appears to be creating a team named collision, which automatically adds players to it. It re-appears even after I remove it. I have no clue as to which plugin is creating this team, and have no way to tell without deleting each plugin individually.

Server Plugins (1.12, run on Aternos):

  • OldPvP (maybe this one?)
  • BloodEffects (maybe this one?)
  • Citizens
  • InstantRespawn
  • Multiverse-Core
  • NickNames (maybe this one?)
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard

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I've figured it out. The OldPvP plugin was overwriting the scoreboard teams, causing the issue. I've deleted the plugin and installed OldCombatMechanics instead; works like a charm.

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