In order to figure out how each dungeon is cleared, it would be very nice to have a full list of them. I have heard that there are 130, is that correct? Where can I find a list of dungeons in Skyrim?

UESP seems to list places in general, but has no dungeons category. Wikia, the site I don't really trust these days, seems to list only 14 dungeons; but given that there would be I think that is unfinished...

  • On a side note, it's strange that Skyrim considers Giant Camps as dungeons
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  • Each dungeon has a boss type figure, once they are killed it counts as cleared. You don't need to kill every single enemy in it. Some cannot be cleared though, mostly quest related ones. I have cleared 192 dungeons in my log so far, and have found 336 places. I believe there is about 250 or so locations that can be cleared total.
    – user16719
    Commented Dec 19, 2011 at 19:15

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Here's a list of the clearable locations on UESP.

And I like this map to find them all.


These are all the locations in Skyrim. http://www.realsg.com/2011/11/guide-skyrim-complete-locations-map.html

I've counted over 530 locations. I would say there is definitely 130 or more dungeons.

I believe a dungeon is cleared when you kill every enemy within the dungeon. There may be an undead on a wall behind a locked door, or a passage that was hidden well. Check your dungeon map when re-exploring.

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