In either Kingdom Rush or Kingdom Rush: Frontiers there is a circular object that looks as though it might be a teleportal. Sadly clicking on it shows that it is broken - only some of its lights come on.

I am trying to find a good-quality image of it but am not sure what search term to use.

Does it have a name? Can it be activated?

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    Regular kingdom Rush has portals in its later levels that demons come out of (Pandaemonium, Rotten Forest, Pit of Fire), probably not what you want though? – aphid Jul 21 '20 at 17:03

It's a TV show reference

I believe I have found what you are referring to. You can find this in the second level of the second game (Kingdom Rush Frontiers), called Sandhawk Hamlet.

The screenshot below is a zoom-in of that part of the level.

Sandhawk Stargate

This object is a reference to the sci-fi show Stargate SG-1. It does not serve any gameplay purpose like many of the other easter eggs in the game.

Some of these other easter eggs can unlock achievements for finding and activating them.


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