I just bought Hearthfire in Oldrim and was very keen to get going with building Windstad Manor. I should have focused on the main house construction rather than the furnishings and I put a firepit and cooking pot in the small house which will become the entrance.

Now I realise that when I extend the house I won't want this firepit there. When I convert this small house to an entryway, will the firepit/cooking pot disappear? I would prefer this. In the future I will just focus on construction of the main areas rather than any interior furnishings.

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The firepit will disappear. You will be able to construct a new (larger) cooking place with a hearth in the main house. In addition, you'll be able to construct (among others) a kitchen.

Most efficient/practical order is to finish construction of the entire house before starting on any furnishing.
When the main house is constructed, there is no way back!


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