Does GoW3 allow local co-op and online co-op at the same time? I want to know if my friend and I can play on split screen from my house and join a couple of friends online. What kind of games are allowed this way (if any)?

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According to this website, yes, it is possible.

Does Gears support split screen play? How many players?

You can play 2 player split screen. The screen is split horizontally.

Is splitscreen with online play supported? (Combo Co-Op)

Yes, but both players must have Live Gold subscriptions.

Is LAN or System-Link play supported?

Yes, you can play any of the modes via LAN for the supported number of players.

How many players are supported in co-op play?

You can play 4 players through the campaign in co-op. You can play 5 players in Horde or Beast mode.

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