If you don’t know there is a YouTuber called TheBowTieMan and he is doing a Bedrock Minecraft redstone thing and you have to make a redstone creation then send the world to him via mediafire through the comments. Is it possible to turn a MCPE world into a mediafire link and if it is possible, how?


Make a MediaFire account, then edit your world in the main menu, scroll down, and click the "Export World" button. Find the .mcworld file, then upload it to MediaFire.

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    Did you know .mcworld files are just .zip files in disguise? If you rename the .mcworld to be a .zip, you can see that! – ExpertCoder14 Jul 29 at 17:03
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    Note that the "Export World" button only appears in Windows 10 version of Bedrock Edition. There are other ways you can get to the world on iOS. – ExpertCoder14 Jul 29 at 17:03

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