As I mentioned above my wolf Buddy Jr Jr (yes I know his name should be Buddy the third) is lost and I really want him back, if anybody knows what to do please let me know it would be very appreciated!


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On Bedrock Edition you could do a teleport command to teleport all wolves in loaded chunks to you. If I can recall correctly, the command is /tp @e [type=wolf] @s.

I can't confirm if this command is the same for Java Edition, but it could be possible that they're the same.

I'd recommend doing the command in a safe, medium/large enclosed room, as in my experience the teleported mobs often launch themselves outward from their starting point in all directions in order to avoid entity cramming.

  • I'd also recommend making a world backup before doing the teleportation command, as typing the command wrong sometimes teleports every mob to you instead, and if a creeper's anywhere in the loaded chunks, they automatically explode when teleported with /tp @e commands, which would put all the other mobs, and your player in danger. Commented Jul 28, 2020 at 23:10
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    I can confirm the command is the same for Java Edition.
    – pppery
    Commented Jul 29, 2020 at 0:34

On Java Edition, the command /tp @e[type=Wolf] @p should work, however, be aware that this will only work if your dog is in a loaded chunk, which is usually 8 chunks around you

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