I live in Winstad Manor. I just live with my wife currently. In an earlier save I hired Valdimir as a steward and Sonir as a bard. I liked Sonir [as long as she doesn't sing "The Dragonborn Comes", it's not a good number for her] and want to keep her, but, when I hired Valdimir as a steward beforehand he started wandering in and out of the house all the time, eating bread and sitting in the private bedroom, which is clearly not on.

How do I get rid of him and keep Sonir? I take it that the only thing to do, without mods, is to kill him. If I do so, will Sonir stay?


Your bard is not tied to your Steward. You can replace your Steward with whatever method you find suitable and it does not affect the Bard.

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