I got two kills and I'm notified with a logo that appears on screen. It's also written "Recon"

I don't understand; I didn't chose the Hardline perk. My kill streak rewards are given when I get 3, 4, and 5 kill streak.


I discovered what happened.

I unblocked the specialist kill streak. By default when you got 2 kill streak, you get the perk Recon


It's possible that you got another kill and weren't aware of it, (sometimes mines explode and give you a kill, etc) or that one of your kills was actually a double kill. A 3-kill streak might unlock UAV Recon, which would explain the icon and the notification.

Also, "Recon" is one of the perks, so it's possible that you unlocked some Recon-related challenge, such as Recon Pro.

It's hard to say based on the info you provided, but those are my top two explanations. There's no "Recon" for 2 kills without Hardline as far as I'm aware.

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    It sounds like he's using the Specialist kill streak set. You only need 2 kills to unlock the first additional perk. – Niro Nov 20 '11 at 6:52

Note that...

  • planting or defusing a bomb (depending on the game-mode)
  • shooting down or destroying enemys killstreaks
  • and some other things

also count for kill-streaks—maybe you defused a bomb wich counted as your third "kill".

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