I'm in a small to medium enterprise. Given the covid situation, nearly everyone is working from home. There's a good atmosphere within the company and we miss the real life contacts. Some initiatives popped up to bring back life in the brewery, and now an idea arose to play online games with each other. (I myself thought about good old counterstrike, taking down your team mates, team leaders looked fun).

There are some requirements for me.

  • It must be accessible to start with. Most colleagues are not the tech savvy kind to first download steam for example, then download a game, find the right server etc. If this first step is too hard, it's doomed to fail from the start. I could write a little manual for that, but the fewer actions needed, the better.
  • The gaming environment shouldn't be too complex (that's why I needed to think of classic counter strike in the first place).
  • The game should be "safe". I don't want colleagues to be bothered by pop-ups, advertising windows, ...
  • There should be an online gaming mode, where we are playing as a team (or two teams playing against each other).

What kind of game would be suitable that meets the above requirements? Am I too demanding? Am I in the right place after all to ask such questions? Thanks already for the suggestions.

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