As a follow up to an earlier question, what causes each specific instance of an aura? For example, ItchyTriggerFinger is caused by holding a crossbow.


Bloodmark - Role - Marked by a Bloodletter

UnholyEavesdropper - Item - Has had Hell Helm cast on them

ThreatOfRetribution - Item - Holding Ankh of Retribution

AvatarOfRetribution - Item Activation - Ankh of Retribution

EnduringSpirit - Item - Holding Ankh of Possession

PossessingSpirit - Item Activation - Player has killed player with an Ankh of Possession

RiteOfFenrir - Role - Blessed by a Blood Priest

FenrirsPledge - Item - Player holds Warg's Bracer

BloodSoaked - Item - Holding a Bloody Wreath

Lycanthropy - Item - Player holds a Wolf Pelt

DemonicEssence - Item - Holding Abyssal Armour

HoldingWeapon - Item - Holding any weapon

Lycanthropy - Item - Afflicted with Lycanthropy via the Sanguine Horn

SecondChance - Item - Holding Ankh of Reincarnation

ReincarnationSpell - Item Activation - Ankh of Reincarnation

RunicAura - Item - played holds a rune

Spellbound - Item / Role - Player has had Spellbound cast on them

Whispers - Item - Has had a Hvísla rune used on them

Poisoned - Item - poisoned by a Poisoned Dart

Blessed - Role - Blessed by a Priestess

Decay - Role - Decayed by a Lich

DemonicDarkness - Role / Item - Created by the Sceptre of Darkness or a Shadowcaster

ContagiousBlight - Role - Innate Aura of a Fanatic

Blighted - Role / Item - Blighted by a Player

Inebriation - Item / Role - Has had Inebriation cast on them

Damned - Moderator

AbysmalProtection - Item - Holding Abysmal Armour

Pollymorphed - Item - turned into a parrot by a potion of Pollymorph

SpittingFeathers - Item - Player can largely speak after being pollymorphed, but some random words will still be turned into parrot noises

ImImmortl - Item - Essence of the Ancient One (joke item)

Crippled - Item - Has been crippled

PrimedBearTrap - Item - Player has a primed bear trap on them

Cursed - Item - Result of a Midnight Council Decision

Weakness - Item - Potion of Weakness used on Player

StrongNeck - Item - Holding an Iron Collar

PaxDemocracia - Item - Holding Amulet of Peace

Shadow - Role - Created by a Shadowcaster

StrengthOfFenrir - Item - Heart of Fenrir

Tenacious - Item - Player either holds a ring of tenacity of has had a potion of tenacity used on them

Shadow - Item - Player holds Veil of Shadows

MartyrsProtection - Item - a player has chosen to guard them with the Martyr's Crown

CouncilMember - Role / Item - Has been given a seat on the Midnight Council

OverrunByRats - Item - Player has a Rat Swarm created by the Vermin Talisman on them

Doomed - Moderator

Vulnerability - Item - Potion of Vulnerability used on Player

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