I just saw this cool game that came out recently and thinking of buying it for Xbox One, but I would prefer playing it with keyboard and mouse and not with controller, but I don't know if it works with it. Does the game work with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One?


Keyboard support appears to be available for the game on Xbox, but mouse input does not appear to work.

This forum post on the Obsidian website claims that keyboards appear to work but that is it:

Playing on Xbox One, having the same problem - the game doesn't appear to be detecting the mouse. I can't "sign in" in the beginning of the game by clicking mouse buttons, and I can't turn with in the mouse inside the gameworld.

There are a few other forum posts on the site as well that state the same.

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  • Thanks for the quick answer! – Kerk Aug 5 at 12:04
  • @Kerk an Xbox Support Page states only select games have mouse support enabled and that you should consult the game to see if it does support it - but I couldn't see anything stating so on the store page for the game. You would think that because the game is also available on Windows that it would support a mouse, but the Xbox must have some limitation in that sense that must be supported on a per-game basis. – Timmy Jim Aug 5 at 12:10

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