I recently messed up my world spawnpoint with the command /setworldspawn. Now, all my compasses are broken, pointing at that spot. I'd used them in various places to show direction, in accordance to where North is. After using the command, they all point at the spawn point, which messes things up a lot, especially the ones mounted in item frames.

Is there a command to undo this? Or should I just crumple up the compasses and find another option?

  • What do you mean you used compasses "to show...where North is"? Compasses in Minecraft never point north, they point to your spawn point (either the last bed you slept in, or world spawn if you haven't slept in a bed or it was broken). – Johonn Aug 10 at 21:04

Although there is not a solution to this, a solution would be using a lodestone at 0, 0, assuming you are in 1.16. Though tedious, you could take ALL your compasses, and use them on the lodestone. Now, all of your compasses will point at the origin. However, every compass that you make must be used on the lodestone. I hope that this helps.

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