I am playing on PC Steam.

I have been saving up resources in order to buy the Golden Fast Travel pack so I can fast travel for free.

A quick search shows I need to be beyond the Sacred Lands; I've already reached Meridian.

Then I should be able to find the pack in the Resources tab of any 'Hunting Goods' merchant. However I have visited three merchants, Daytower, one in Meridian and one at the hunting grounds just near Daytower.

None of these merchants even have a Resources tab in the menu. I have made sure I'm in Buy and not Sell.

How do I obtain the Golden Fast Travel pack?


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It seems that I am just looking in the wrong place. For some reason I was looking at the bottom of the list.

Looking at the merchant again, properly. I can see the Resources tab.

Merchant screen

Seems I am the bug. PEBKAC

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