In Java Edition, I can give myself a potion with effect with an NBT tag:

give @s potion 1 0 {Potion:"minecraft:regeneration"}

However, I cannot do this in Bedrock Edition, as there is no access to NBT tags from commands.

How can I give myself a status effect potion with the /give command?

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Bedrock Edition uses data values to store the potion effect used by a potion or Tipped Arrow. To give a potion of tipped arrow with the specified effect, you use the command:

/give <player> potion <data value>

where the data value is looked up from this table:

Potion Regular Extended Enhanced
Water Bottle 0 N/A N/A
Mundane Potion 1 2 N/A
Thick Potion 3 N/A N/A
Awkward Potion 4 N/A N/A
Potion of Night Vision 5 6 N/A
Potion of Invisibility 7 8 N/A
Potion of Leaping 9 10 11
Potion of Fire Resistance 12 13 N/A
Potion of Swiftness 14 15 16
Potion of Slowness 17 18 42
Potion of Water Breathing 19 20 N/A
Potion of Healing 21 N/A 22
Potion of Harming 23 N/A 24
Potion of Poison 25 26 27
Potion of Regeneration 28 29 30
Potion of Strength 31 32 33
Potion of Weakness 34 35 N/A
Potion of Decay 36 N/A N/A
Potion of the Turtle Master 37 38 39
Potion of Slow Falling 40 41 N/A

Tipped arrows use a similar syntax:

/give <player> arrow <data value>

(note: it's just arrow, not tipped_arrow, unlike in Java Edition, and the data values are off by one)

Table for Tipped Arrows


In fact, there is no need for an NBT here to give a potion.

You just need the data value for the item:

/give @a potion 1 7

Here is a table of data values for the potions.

Potion Table

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