In Minecraft Java Edition, one can summon baby zombies and drowned using the IsBaby NBT tag:

/summon zombie X Y Z {IsBaby:1b}

Likewise, one can summon baby breedable mobs (Pigs, Cows, etc.) by giving them a negative Age NBT tag (the number of ticks until the mob grows up):

/summon cow X Y Z {Age:-100000}

Since NBT is inaccessible from commands in Bedrock Edition, the above commands will not work there.

How do I summon baby mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


You can make a baby mob by applying the appropriate spawn event in the /summon command.

For drowned and zombies, it is minecraft:as_baby, and for other mobs, it is minecraft:entity_born.

To summon a baby zombie or drowned:

/summon <zombie/drowned> X Y Z minecraft:as_baby

And to summon a baby animal:

/summon <entity type> X Y Z minecraft:entity_born

This does not work with villagers due to a bug.

  • Baby Zombies and drowned never age, and baby villagers and animals do grow up. I don't think any of this varies depending on edition or even whether they were created with commands. – pppery Aug 13 '20 at 22:07

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