I am trying to make a paintbrush to assist me and my friends build a city. My idea for the paintbrush is when held, it uses raycasting to place blocks where the entity is looking. I can't use scripting because one of my friends is on Xbox and can't use scripting for some reason. For the raycasting, I'm using a mcfunction. How do I run a slash command or function when a player holds a specific item in Minecraft bedrock? I think it's possible because it says in the Minecraft addon documentation entity events can call slash commands, other entity events, and MoLang. I'm attaching a picture of that section of the documentation so you can see what I mean. enter image description here Here is what the image says in case the image fails to load.


Events consist of three categories, all represented by a string:

  • Entity events
  • Slash Commands
  • MoLang Expressions

In detail:

Entity Events: Server side (behavior packs) only. Currently, we only support entity events to self, and these take the form "@s event". These are events declared in the events section of the entity definition file. For example, in the cat.json, "minecraft:ageable_grow_up" event causes the kitten to grow up. This would take the form of "@s minecraft:ageable_grow_up"

Slash commands: Server side (behavior packs) only. Any slash command can be invoked, such as /particle minecraft:example_smoke_puff ~ ~ ~. The assumed entity for the slash command is the invoking entity, so this particular slash command will spawn a smoke puff effect at the entity's location.

MoLang Expressions: This executes a MoLang expression. The primary usage is to set MoLang variables that can be used later. For example, a state transition might be looking at a particluar MoLang variable, and this expression could change that variable. A particle effect on the entity might change color due to MoLang variables that the effect uses for color tints. An animation to move an arm might use a MoLang variable that was set by an animation event.

// entity event (behavior packs only), put the particular event name`
after the @s "@s minecraft:entity_event"

// slash command (behavior packs only), can be any server-side slash
command // is invoked from the entity, so a teleport, for example,
will teleport the entity by default "/tell @a this is a message"`

// MoLang Expressions, executes a molang expression on the entity
"variable.something_to_set = 3;"

Am I misunderstanding? If not, how do I do this? If any of this is unclear to you please ask questions in the comments. Thanks!


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Unfortunately, you cannot check if a player is holding it, but you can check if a player has it on Bedrock Edition.

You can use this function to run it. Replace stick, stone, and ~ ~ ~ with what paintbrush item, what block you want, and the coordinates or where a player is looking, respectively.

Always active repeating command block

/clear <player> stick -1 0

This checks if a player has the paintbrush. Chain conditional:

/tag <player> add brush

Chain conditionals:

/execute @a[tag=brush] setblock ~ ~ ~ stone
/tag  <player> remove brush

Replace <player> with the player you want to target. I hope this helps.

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