In Minecraft Java Edition, you can specify the profession of a villager you summon using the VillagerData NBT tag. For example, the below command spawns a librarian villager:

/summon villager X Y Z {VillagerData:{Profession:"minecraft:librarian"}}

Since NBT does not exist in Bedrock Edition, the above commands will not work there.

How do I summon a villager with a certain profession in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


This can be accomplished in Bedrock Edition using spawn events. For example, you use the minecraft:spawn_librarian spawn event to summon a librarian villager:

/summon villager X Y Z minecraft:spawn_librarian

Spawn events also exist for farmers (minecraft:spawn_farmer), clerics (minecraft:spawn_cleric), armorers (minecraft:spawn_armorer), and butchers (minecraft:spawn_butcher). See Minecraft Wiki for a complete list of spawn events.

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