I am trying to summon an object and then center it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I am trying to just make the coordinate the exact position (eg. 10.0 80.0 10.0 or teleporting to 10 80 10). I have tried to use a function to teleport it by 0.01 until it detects a new block, then teleports to it's centered coordinate, it works sometimes, but it also sometimes doesn't go to the correct cord, or goes on forever teleporting away. I do not have an exact cord that I am teleporting it to so that would not help.

  • So basically you want to use the /summon when you are flying at a random location in creative and then make sure that entity summons aligned to a block? – A.Shetye Aug 17 '20 at 12:09
  • @A.Shetye Yes basically – Micah Suess Aug 18 '20 at 1:57
  • For anyone who doesn't understand, basically make ~ ~ ~ be say 5 10 5 and not 5.283 10.2 5.3955 – Penguin Jan 20 at 17:09

There are two ways you could do this. The first is to just summon the entity at the correct place, as everyone else has been telling you (I will use a sheep for the remainder of this)

/summon sheep 23 24 25

instead of

/summon sheep ~ ~ ~

The other way you could do it is to take advantage of a shulker's auto-align feature. You can summon a shulker, it will align automatically to the axis'. You can then execute as the shulker, and summon a sheep at it. Example:

/execute @e[type=shulker,c=1] ~ ~ ~ summon sheep

After this, you just kill the shulker.

  • If this is the best that comes up for a few days I'll give you the bounty – Penguin Jan 21 at 15:29

/summon entity 10 80 10 or /teleport @e[type=entity] 10 80 10 or teleport it by 0.5/1.0

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    Some context would help. Is this supposed to be one chained command, three commands that are all necessary, or just a list of commands to try until the asker gets the effect they want? Right now, this answer is confusing and unclear. – Kadima Jan 21 at 14:50

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