Blizzard has announced that there is a change to one of the mythic plus mechanics, grievous.

Added Functionality: Non-periodic heals now remove 1 application of Grievous Wound.

What heals would count as non-periodic? Direct heals such as chain heal from a shaman, or healing rain that isn't technically a dot.


The distinction is in if the healing effect is a 'tick' or directly attributable to the spell. Whenever someone is healed, ask this question:

Does the spell that caused the heal to happen cast in the same frame/game logic tick as the heal itself?

Iff yes, then this is a direct heal.

Iff no, and there are multiple instances of time in which heals happen, it is periodic. This includes both DoT and channelled effects.

Counts as periodic

  • Area effects with 'ticks'. (Healing Rain, shaman).
  • DoT spells (Rejuvenation, druid)
  • Drain life (Warlock)

Not actually periodic

  • Area heals (Healing Circle, priest)
  • Direct heals (Chain heal, shaman).
  • Combined DoT/Direct spells (Riptide, shaman)1.
  • Healthstone (Warlock)

1: Only the initial cast will remove a Grievous stack, not every tick.

Interesting cases

For some spells/effects, it's unclear of whether they would count, and likely up to the developer. As it's unlikely every corner case was covered, there may be some surprising inconsistent details. Consider effects like:

  • Living seed. (Adds a separate instance of heal not from a spell.)
  • Priest' Trail of light (again, separate instance)
  • Cloudburst totem
  • (etc.)

It's likely up to the specific code implementation of each spell whether or not Grievous would count them as periodic or not. Someone would have to make a giant list of spells and test each one if they count.

It's quite likely most of these would not count as periodic with a few exceptions.

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    Is this based on PTR testing or on the behavior of effects with similar language? – IllusiveBrian Aug 21 '20 at 15:32

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