I'm trying to host a Minecraft 1.2.5 LAN server with offline mode, and as expected I'm having the issue where everyone who tries to join the server is given the name "Player" so only 1 person can connect.

All the solutions posted here and elsewhere indicate to change the value of displayName in launcher_profiles.json (example 1, example 2). However, no such field exists for me (in August 2020). The closest I can find is a username field which holds my email address.

What is the proper way in 2020 to override the displayName so that multiple players can join this offline server?

  • Many optional fields will be absent in .json files if undefined/default - you can add them, following proper JSON formatting. I'm not sure if displayName is one of these but you might try adding it. – SF. Aug 24 at 7:23

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