I can't seem to find any of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition item files. Specifically, I am looking for the bow. I need it to create a behavior pack with it. The template behavior pack contains all food/farming items, but no others. Hours of looking up how to find them lead me nowhere. I watched a few tutorials on how to get the bedrock game files, and in all of them there was a "vanilla" file in the com.mojang folder. I checked every sub-folder in com.mojang and didn't find them either.


It looks like you’re thinking that addons for bedrock work like mods in java. They don’t. Most of the things you see in Minecraft are not possible in the JSON/JavaScript Bedrock API. You can’t make a bow, sorry. The items in bedrock are limited to the following behaviors: blocks, seeds, ordinary items, foods, potions, or a combo of food and potions (like a gapple), and maybe some other random thing I forgot.

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