I decided to create my own texture pack for version 1.8.9. I setup the file structure and changed the bed texture a bit. It should change the red bed sheet to a mint to aqua gradient, but for some reason it doesn't appear?

Here's the file structure with the size of the pngs between brackets:

L minecraft
  L textures
    L bed_feet_end.png (16x16)
    L bed_feet_side.png (16x16)
    L bed_feet_top.png (16x16)
    L bed_head_end.png (16x16)
    L bed_head_side.png (16x16)
    L bed_head_top.png (16x16)
pack.png (500x500)

Here's a screenshot: Screenshot of the file structure

Here are the contents of the pack.mcmeta file:

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 1,
    "description": "Hukyfi's Minty Aqua Texture Pack (v1)"

This is all compressed into Hukyfi's Minty Aqua Texture Pack (v1).zip

The game recognises the pack but doesn't load the pack.png thumbnail.

The texture pack being selected

And when I get into the game, the bed texture hasn't changed:

bed not appearing with the changed texture

I tried unzipping other texture packs to disect and check if they had done anything differently but it doesn't seem like it.

What am I missing? Did I do something incorrectly?

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The textures have to be in the right directory. Create a folder named 'blocks' in the textures folder and then put the textures in there. They have to match up with the model in the following directory. assets>minecraft>models>block then after that find the model for the bed block. I suggest looking at the default textures for the minecraft version you are on. You can find it by going in the resource pack folder from minecraft, go back a folder, then go into the versions folder and select the version you are on. After that open up the jar file with a archiver like winrar. In the jar open the assets folder and that is the textures. I have a windows computer and don't have a mac. Since you are on mac it is a little difficult to explain, because I can't give you a directory. I hope that helps you now and in the future.

  • Yeah, just to sum up what he said in the simplest way possible in your textures folder create a folder called blocks and put the bed textures in there.
    – Penguin
    Commented Nov 18, 2020 at 21:57

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