I want to know what is maximum TNT fuse in Minecraft. Because I want to make Primed TNT with maximum fuse in my Minecraft map.

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    Have you done any prior research before asking? The answer appears as Google's "instant answer" when searching "minecraft maximum tnt fuse" on Google. – ExpertCoder14 Sep 6 at 18:41

The maximum TNT fuse is the largest number that can be stored in a NBT TAG_Short, which is 32767 ticks. There are 20 ticks in a second, which means that 32767 ticks approximates to 00h:27m:18.35s.

Summoning a TNT with a maximum fuse is as simple as including the NBT for a /summon command:

/summon tnt ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:32767s}

The s is a data type, meaning that the number is a TAG_Short. It is a good practice to include your data types in the NBT, so that it's not ambiguous over which number type you want.

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