I've watched my villagers breed for a bit then noticed something strange. There were storm clouds above my villagers' heads. I logged onto Minecraft and noticed my Villagers, which I named Rose and Allen, wouldn't breed. They had hearts then storm clouds. Do my villagers hate each other? What is the problem? Do they need something specific to stop this?

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    They're probably creeped out that you're watching them breed... – SaintWacko Sep 9 at 1:42
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    Which game are you actually playing, MCJava or MC legacy console? – Fabian Röling Sep 9 at 5:53

From the wiki this particle indicates that the villagers are upset. In this specific situation, it is because they cannot successfully breed, due to a shortage of resources (e.g. beds):

Attacking a villager in a village; when villagers can't breed because there aren't enough beds nearby.

In older versions, this requirement still applies - villagers are limited to whatever number of "resource" they require in order to breed - in older versions (as BlueTangsRock mentions) could be either doors, or a minimum amount of food per villager, in order to successfully breed. E.g:

12w07a: Villagers now repopulate villages by the number of houses there are.


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    it seems that OP is partially mentioning Legacy Edition, where villagers require doors and sufficient food rather than beds to breed. – BlueTangsRock Sep 9 at 5:10
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    @BlueTangsRock Ah yes, very true! Thanks for that. I've added a reference to older versions requirements as well for reference. – Ben Sep 9 at 5:26

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