I know that on Steam it is possible to run non-steam applications and games via "Add non-steam game", but I'm running Steam via Geforce Now service where this way doesn't work. You can add non-steam games but you can't succesfully execute them. I have two questions then:

  1. Is it possible to run GOG client as a Steam app (I couldn't find on Steam Store)?
  2. Is it possible to run GOG client using some Steam app available on the store - maybe some kind of file manager or something like that?

I was trying to find some apps to do this but could't find anything resembling general launcher or file manager. Maybe I was looking in wrong places.

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    If you do somehow figure out how to do this, they will likely patch it out very quickly, as I imagine there would be licensing issues with allowing you to stream games that you didn't buy via Steam. – Kevin Sep 19 '20 at 5:31

The answer is, No. You can't run GOG Galaxy from Steam. You must download GOG Galaxy and run it as a program of it's own. Here is where you can download it.

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