I am playing a survival world, and I found a mineshaft. I found some minecarts, and mined them. I did not see any "boop" of durability when I hit or destroyed it with my pickaxe. The same thing happened when I destroyed a boat with an axe. So, what is going on, and do you lose tool durability when you mine/destroy a boat or a minecart?


Here's a look at the Minecraft Wiki on durability:

  • Axes, pickaxes, and shovels:
    • Breaking a block that breaks instantly counts as 0 uses.
    • Breaking other blocks counts as 1 use.
    • Paving a grass block using a shovel to make a grass path counts as 1 use.
    • Using an axe on a log or wood to strip it counts as 1 use.
    • Hitting a mob (hostile, neutral or passive) counts as 2 uses.

It could be considered that minecarts are part of the "blocks that break instantly" with the fact that one hit with a pickaxe can break the minecart.

But then again, there's the other argument...

I've found a bug report about the same issue in Java Edition. It has been confirmed as a bug in Java Edition, so it might be the same in Bedrock Edition too.

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I don’t think so, because destroying a boat doesn’t take time. It’s basically instant. So no, it shouldn’t take durability.

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  • I don't agree with that. Can you edit your answer and specify this? – fasterthanlight Sep 19 at 19:54

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