I've recently bought a Megadrive 2 but when i try to connect it to my tv via RCA cable, always remains with no signal.

This is my MegaDrive:megadrive front

This is my Megadrive back:megadrive back

megadrive back 2

This are my TV components: tv components

This is the RCA cable i've bought: rca cable

And finally my TV sources: tv sources

How can i connect the megadrive to my TV? Am i missing something?


Is that a Sega-specific cable? According to Wikipedia, it sounds like the Mega Drive / Genesis used specialized cables:

The back of the model 1 console provides a radio frequency output port (designed for use with antenna and cable systems) and a specialized 8-pin DIN port, which both provide video and audio output. Both outputs produce monophonic sound; a headphone jack on the front of the console produces stereo sound.[107] On the model 2, the DIN port, radio frequency output port, and headphone jack are replaced by a 9-pin mini-DIN port on the back for composite video, RGB and stereo sound, and the standard RF switch.


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