I have been looking at how to convert a Bedrock resource pack into a Java resource pack. All that I can find is how to convert a Java pack, into a bedrock one. What do I need to rename the files? Do I need to change the "manifest.json" I get an error saying that it failed to copy

   21:29:07] [Render thread/WARN]: Failed to copy datapack file  from C:\Minecraft Server\The Shire Texture\textures\misc\pumpkinblur.png.mcmeta to C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
java.nio.file.FileAlreadyExistsException: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks\The Shire Texture\textures\misc\pumpkinblur.png.mcmeta

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