Hi guys I have problem with my Minecraft server. I have player in End dimension that causes crashes when he joins the server. ReportedException: Colliding entity with block Is there any way I can move him from End to Overworld without him dying and losing EQ?

Spigot 1.16.1


The server creates a player data file for every player on the server (in server dir/world/playerdata). These files contain data such as the position, dimension, inventory, etc. of a player. The filename is the player's UUID.

You can edit the player's data file using NBTExplorer (which is a free piece of software that can read and modify NBT data). To do this:

  • Stop the server
  • Make a backup of the player's data file!
  • Open the data file in NBTExplorer (not the backup, but the file in the playerdata dir)
  • Set the Dimension tag to "minecraft:the_overworld"
  • Set the Pos tag values to where you want to move the player to
  • Save the changes
  • Start the server

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