Ever since about a month ago I've had really bad mouse delay in Minecraft. I haven't changed any settings, installed any programs, nothing. The issue seems to be only Minecraft based, as all other games run fine with the mouse I have. I use a wireless mouse but I've tried to use a wired mouse to see if that helps and it still doesent. The problem only exist in game while moving around as when I go into my inventory and use my curser there seems to be no mouse delay at all. The problem still exist when I use Badlion/the normal launcher, I've updated my computer, changed settings according to other peoples mouse delay problems, changed servers, changed versions, but nothing seems to work.


It would be helpful if you could post a short video to show the effect. I can speculate that you may have turned on the Cinematic camera somehow. Check in your Controls settings which key toggles Cinematic camera. If it is not assigned, you can assign and unused key. Then return to game and press the key.

  • Here's 2 video links to see The problem, Both videos are at 8x slowmo. Pay attention my curser in the one in which I am in the pause menu. streamable.com/w8bt0s streamable.com/afgs1f
    – Jett Edson
    Oct 2 '20 at 16:25
  • What FPS do you get (on the F3 screen)? It is a bit hard to tell - I counted 10 frames in about 4 seconds, which (at x8 slowmo) would give 20 FPS which is too low and might be causing the apparent delay.
    – Kcats
    Oct 6 '20 at 8:07

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