i've been making my own resource pack from scratch. the problem is. I want fire to sound more horrorific. I searched other questions. but they told me to go to PACK\assets\Minecraft\SOUNDS. I cant find the 'sounds' in the first place can anyone help me?

  • :/ i want to add it into specificly my RESOURCE PACK – QuickerEgg Oct 2 at 1:04
  • and this is 1.16.3 minecraft not anything under – QuickerEgg Oct 2 at 1:08
  • You'll need to create the PACK/assets/Minecraft/sounds folder yourself. – Corsaka Oct 2 at 8:26
  • makes sense, thx :P – QuickerEgg Oct 2 at 13:21

Below is a video about it.

Below is a video to add custom sounds to Minecraft.
I haven't watched those but if it doesn't work you can search it up on youtube.

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