when i was making my resource pack (not avalible to download), i was making the cat music disc make it sound like me. so i ask the question. do i make a file named cat and put cat.ogg in it or so i put the .ogg file in the sounds folder alone? if it should be named something else please tell me

-kind regards, quicker egg

  • yep, another question... ABOUT MINECRAFT FILES!!! – QuickerEgg Oct 2 '20 at 13:44

If you're unsure where to put resource pack files, you can get a complete default Minecraft texture pack by going to %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\<latest-version> and opening the .jar file with an archiver (e.g. 7zip, WinRAR etc.). In there, there's an assets folder that contains all the built in Minecraft textures and sounds.

Find whichever sound file represents Cat, and make sure to put yours in the exact same place

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