"Car Collector" achievement says that you need to unlock 5 cars to get it. If I recall correctly I started with 3 initial cars and I've already unlocked more than 5, here is my garage with 13 cars:


I've tried to follow this guide - I finished the Season Championship and then got 1 win for all of my cars in Exhibition mode, but still cannot unlock this achievement or get more cars. Looks like something was changed in recent F2P update.

How can I unlock this achievement now?

I play on PS4.


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To unlock the "Car Collector" achievement, in Rocket League, you simply have to unlock 5 cars.

Checking back on some achievement guides I followed when I unlocked it, I confirmed that most of the cars are unlocked just by completing matches.

When it comes to the achievement still not unlocking; there are a lot of reports of this achievement being bugged - especially as of the game becoming free-to-play.

  • I found one instance where the user had unlocked all cars available to the free-to-play model of the game. They than purchased a single DLC car, and had the achievement immediately unlock.
  • I found a few instances where users reported success by uploading their save profiles to their cloud storage, deleting their local save files, deleting and reinstalling the game and re-downloading their save profiles from their cloud storage. This appears to be the most reliable solution, as I have found multiple users reporting that this worked for them across multiple platforms.
  • I found another user reporting this as a bug on PSN Profiles. A user by the name of roenroe reports having success by linking their account with a Steam version of the game:
  1. Complete all other main trophies
  2. Create on pc steam account
  3. www.rocketleague.com/activate
  4. Change your main account to steam account
  5. Download your save data to ps plus or USB
  6. Delete yourt save data
  7. Start the game without data (no reinstall needed)
  8. Enjoy your platinum trophy
  • I found a few instances where users report completely wiping their save progress; both from their local console and cloud storage. They then started a fresh save, and manually unlocked the achievement without further issue. Naturally, this is the nuclear option; but if your eager to unlock that platinum trophy, it might be one you consider.

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