I want to make custom model textures for the wooden sword. Below is the wooden_sword.json:

  "parent": "item/handheld",
  "textures": {
    "layer0": "item/wooden_sword"
  {"predicate": {"custom_model_data":1}, "model":"item/iron_ingot"},
  {"predicate": {"custom_model_data":2}, "model":"item/gold"}

It showed the texture of "item/iron_ingot"(minecraft's original file) correctly, but it only showed error texture when using the "item/gold" that I added my own. I think it cannot detect the file.


Make sure the model you are calling is valid (the 'gold' model) for help you can look at default models in the default minecraft resource pack. I also suggest turning on the debug window at launch of minecraft, it really helps. It can be turned on in the launcher in settings under general. Below is a video about custom model data you should probably watch.

You might be also miscalling the model. I hope this helps.

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