Most characters in Genshin seem to have a specialty dish -- produced when using a normal base recipe, the character has a chance to produce their special version of the dish. For example, if you use Amber to cook Steak, you have a chance to produce the dish "Outrider Champion's Steak".

I've seen a list here showing most of the characters' custom dishes. But it doesn't list Qiqi's custom dish. That gets me wondering -- does she have a custom dish, or does it not exist at all? It would be at odds with the game saying that every character has a custom dish.

  • I'm not sure since i don't have her (;-;) but i'd bet on that bird egg soup you can buy the recipe of at her pharmacy. Or maybe some recipe that has cocogoat's milk lmao – Fizito Oct 15 at 21:32

Qiqi's speciality dish is the dish "No Tomorrow", based off the original dish "Come and Get It".

enter image description here

The base recipe is available in Liyue Harbor after you have reached Adventure Rank 40.

enter image description here

The dish requires:

  • Raw Meat x3
  • Fish x3
  • Rice x3
  • Tofu x1
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