I use Minecraft: Java Edition on a Linux system. Whenever I try to launch versions 1.8.9 and before, the doesn't start, and as soon as I hit the "Play" button, the Launcher re-opens stating that the game has crashed. The game runs perfectly if I play it in earlier versions.

I was able to generate a crash report by enabling "Open output log when games start" in the Settings menu. It's a bit lengthy, so I made a Pastebin for it... https://pastebin.com/KN2Ac9vb

I would like to know what's going wrong, and how to fix this error so I can play 1.8.9 properly.

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According to this question on stackoverflow, this is due to an issue in your Java install. Grabbing an earlier version of (or even just reinstalling) Java should fix it. Alternate JDKs may also work.

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