Noita's progress screen tracks which perks the player has obtained, which spells the player has used, and which enemies the players has defeated by showing a little icon with the name and description. At the top of the progress screen, however, is a more enigmatic tracker, counting the number of secrets the player has discovered. For example, in my own game:

The top of the progress screen, showing 12 secrets found

The game doesn't specify which secrets are unlocked though, only showing one vague description (in my case "Discovered the secret below").

What does Noita recognize as a secret, and what is the wording for each of them?

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    I think it may be related to the Achievement Pillars, but I'm not sure on the specific wording...
    – Steffo
    Aug 13, 2021 at 1:02

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They are just the spells you get from obtaining the orbs of knowledge

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