The Composite video cables that came with all of the PS1, PS2 and PS3 models was a simple AV Multi to 3x standard RCA Connectors for Video and the Left and Right audio channels.

enter image description here

On the other hand, the official Component, D-Terminal and S Video Cables sold separately uses a more "Premium" type of connector, where the exterior has a silver color with a strip indicating the purpose of the individual connectors.

enter image description here

Was there ever an official Composite cable using this type of connector? If so, was it region specific (like D-Terminal), timed exclusive or available worldwide?

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Was there an official set of Composite Cables for the PS1/2/3 using the "Premium" RCA Connectors?


You're after SCPH-10500, sometimes known as 'gold plated' composite A/V cables (due to the RCA end/tip being gold in colour):

Composite A/V cables with gold tips

For reference, the same 'style' of connector was used for both S-Video (SCPH-10480) and Component (SCPH-10490) cables. There is an official RGB SCART cable too (SCPH-1050)

It's also worth mentioning that the PS1 does not support Component output, leaving you with the other aforementioned options for video output.

Here's a table for neatness sake:

Model No. Type
SCPH-10480 S-Video
SCPH-10490 Component (YPbPr)
SCPH-10500 Composite

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