I want to create a command which allows one to do the following: 1.Store a block in a chest in a given slot. 2.Based on the specific block stored in the specific slot in the chest, place the specific block at a specific position in the over world (ideally relative to some specified position/entity).

The idea is to build slices of a structure by inserting blocks into the chest like a blueprint. Ideally this block placement would be relative to some block/entity to allow building in a variety of places. A bonus would be to fill a column of blocks at a given position by inserting more than one block into the same slot. Any idea how to create such a feature in mine-craft using commands, or if it is even possible?


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has a block serializer which allows "custom in" which lets u dictate the pathing from block -> thing to do which would 100% b able to do this

something like "execute if data block ~ ~ ~ Items[{id:"$block"}] run setblock ~ ~ ~ $block" in custom_in might work ofc you need to specify the slot

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