It's been several years since the video of Simply Austin's attempt to escape the Plateau without the paraglider is there any new insights into this? He was wondering if it was possible to get past the death cubes. I wonder how high up they go?

In Master Mode if you put Octo Balloons on the treasure platforms you can literally have an elevator to the sky if you have enough. Just 5 or 6 gets you pretty high up from your old position.

Wind Waker was pretty easy to do so why is there such extreme differences? Why didn't Nintendo at least let Master Mode skip it I mean it's literally called MASTER mode not Hero mode for a reason! That should've been one of the first on the agenda list!

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    Wind Waker's barrier skip was NOT "pretty easy to do," it literally took 17 years of constant theories and attempts and was one of the most sought skips in all of speedrunning history. – Chase Sandmann Oct 19 at 16:41

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