I found in a forum a texture to add Stadiametric in Minecraft as you can see below.

enter image description here

According to the article, the image must be renamed to "pumpkinblur.png" and must be inserted in the "misc" folder of a texture pack. I followed the instructions exactly but the image is not added to Minecraft. I'm using version 1.8 of the game. How can I add this image to my interface?


The "pumpkinblur.png" file is the image that overlays your HUD (in first person view) when you wear a pumpkin on your head.

enter image description here

In resource packs, it's not uncommon to replace this with another image, especially when the view is so restrictive. I.e.:

enter image description here

So basically, this image is only relevant when you have a (sheared?) pumpkin on your head.

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