In Bloons TD 5, there is a building called the Monkey Village. It primarily provides upgrades for other towers in its range, and one of these is called Jungle Drums and increases the attack of towers in the range of the village, which leads me to my qustion: If I build multiple Monkey Villages, each upgraded to have Jungle Drums and have the same towers in their range, will the attack speed increase stack, i.e. will the attach speed of the towers in their range increase for each Monkey Village with Jungle Drums?

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No matter how many villages you have, this buff, or any buff for that matter, will not stack with multiple villages. 5 villages will have the same effect as one. However, if you have a 4|0 village and a 0|4 village, a tower in range of both of them will receive the effects of both villages.


No, the Jungle Drums effect doesn't stack. However, on older BTD 5 Mobile versions (and Battles) the MIB Call to Arms boost did stack, being able to make towers shoot up to 60 times per second.

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