Okay, so, to be clear, I know that Grelod the Kind must die to start the Dark Brotherhood quest line. I also know that killing her has no consequences (except for Constance running around at least). But. I want to know if it's possible to start the quest without either myself OR my companions doing the deed.

The reason I think this might be possible is because, for some reason, Edda is coded to (murderously) hate Grelod: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Edda

I think this is on purpose. But, I can't figure out any way to get Grelod to "be teleported" to where Edda can see her.

So.... I need a hint? Has anyone done this, specifically without console commands? (I'm on an XBox One, so I couldn't use them even if there was a way.)

Assuming someone cares, the reason I want to do this is that I'm trying to play "Lawful Good" and I want to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, but, to do this, I don't want to murder someone (no matter how much they might seem to deserve it.)

  • Short of using mods have you tried to Wabbajack her? Technically it is not killing her. – Lore Friendly Nov 23 '20 at 4:45

Let's talk about how this quest actually works internally:

  • Grelod has to end up dead by some means.
  • Grelod has 1 hit point, so any damage whatsoever will kill her.
  • Children are immune to damage, but Constance is not. Attacking any of these people is a crime.

Here are some options I can think of:

  • "Accidentally" summon an unbound ash guardian (from Dragonborn), allow it to kill Grelod, then kill it before it can kill Constance. This is challenging because Constance only has 30 hit points. I'm unsure whether you'll be held responsible for its actions, as the ash guardian spell is implemented differently from standard conjuration spells.
  • Summon something else, then hit it until it turns hostile. It will probably also attack Grelod if she's in range. But it might attack others, and you'll be held responsible.
  • Summon a flame atronach and kill it within range of Grelod. You'll be held responsible if the plume hits anyone other than Grelod.
  • "Accidentally" hit Grelod with an area-of-effect spell such as Fireball.
  • Cast a frenzy spell on Grelod, or reverse-pickpocket a frenzy poison with the relevant perk. Don't cast it on Constance, or it will be considered an assault.
  • Tell yourself that you're just "roughing her up" by hitting her, and then pretend to be surprised when she dies of a punch to the face.

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