I love playing Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey but it is ridiculous to think we can, in 10 minutes, jog across islands that housed entire ancient civilizations.

So what is the game distance scale to real world?

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I used Kephallonia to measure the game distance.

Kephallonia game map zoomed in

From one tip to the other is 1298 meters.

I used Apple Maps to route a similar distance on Cephalonia (as it is now spelled, I guess).

Apple Map screen shot of Cephalonia

Apple Maps lists the distance as 41 miles.

41 miles is 65.983 kilometers. That is 65983 meters.

1298 / 65983 = 0.01967

65983 / 1298 = 50.8

So the scale of game world to real word is 1:50. If your character walks 100 meters then you yourself would have to walk 5 km.

To put it another way, the developers shrunk the real world to 2% of its original size.

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