Most Pokemon get physically larger when they evolve. For example, the tiny Bulbasaur turns into the slightly larger Ivysaur, who then turns into the monstrous Venusaur.

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Are there any Pokemon that instead become smaller when they evolve?


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There are a few cases of Pokémon getting shorter when they evolve.

  • Haunter (1.6 m) into Gengar (1.5 m)
  • Porygon (0.8 m) into Porygon2 (0.6 m)
  • Dragonair (4.0 m) into Dragonite (2.2 m)
  • Gloom (0.8 m) into Bellossom (0.4 m)
  • Cosmog (0.2 m) into Cosmoem (0.1 m)
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  • Just because I was curious, I ran a wikidata query to find all combinations based on data entered there. It finds Porygon, Dragonair and Gloom. w.wiki/pHr Wikidata believes Gengar to be 190.5 cm (no real source) and Cosmog has no height there, so is automatically excluded.
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Evolution reduces Kadabra's mass from 56.5 kg to 48.0 kg. Mega Alakazam is the same mass, but is shorter than Kadabra (1.2 m vs. 1.3 m; "base" Alakazam is 1.5 m).

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