So I went to the Bard's college to see what that was all about, and I went to Dead Mans Respite. I got the book but I don't know how to get out..

Anyone know if this is a glitch, or im supposed to do something? I should also mention im on PS3.


When you enter Dead Mans Respite you are welcomed by a ghost bard that presumably wrote Olaf's verse. When you follow the bard through the dungeon he will lead you up to a sealed door and will go to the right of that door, eventually you will find the book. Now, walk back to the sealed door.

The bard will greet you again and will break the magical seal on the door. You will see a short scene where the bard will challenge King Olaf; a fight will commence.

After this, there will be a backdoor out which you will need to activate through a chain on the wall, tracing back to the entrance tomb of the dungeon.

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