I hatched a Blob in the first area of Monster Sanctuary! Then I kept fighting blobs, and kept hatching more eggs. Now I have more Blobs than I know what to do with -- literally!

Are the second and further copies useful? Is there any variance between two monsters of the same type? Or should I just find a way to dump the duplicate eggs?

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I keep up to four copies of a single monster type purely for completionist purposes to cover for potential avenues of evolution later in the game.

The primary benefit of having multiple monsters of the same type comes down to team composition. The cases where it's useful:

  1. A difficult encounter (bosses, for example) requires specific damage typing combined with particular other attributes which are perfectly expressed in a single monster type - having three of that monster allows you to hyper focus on a team that hard counters the opposition.

  2. A monster has powerful synergies in its skill tree, but you're not high enough level to fully capitalize - having multiple of the same monster allows you to spec them into different parts of the skill tree and thus fully capitalize on those synergies before you otherwise could, or even before other monster types are available (Goblins push bonuses to other goblins, but if you only have access to one, a 3x team of that single type will get you the benefits.)

  3. Certain traits (Gold Sense, for example) are rare, but stack with each other - packing a team full of monsters that have lots of that trait in their skill tree allows you to maximize that impact.

If none of these apply to you, it's still worth it to keep the eggs and/or hatched monsters - there's someone in the Keep who will take them off your hands for the Monster Keeper Army which provides a steady stream of valuable rewards. They'll also take hatched monsters from you, too.

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